What is AntlerX

AntlreX Bottles

Athletes and bodybuilders around the world use AntlerX to help maximize the results of their weight training. AntlerX is a proprietary formula comprised of premium deer antler velvet, minerals and essential amino acids to safely and naturally supplement your body's existing IGF-1 levels.

What Makes AntlerX Different From the Rest?

Most other deer antler sprays only contain a few milligrams of deer antler velvet extract. AntlerX leads the way containing 100 milligrams per serving of IGF-1 antler velvet, 150 milligrams of a complex of amino acid growth factors and Caltrop.

In addition to containing high concentrations of pure deer antler velvet, sourcing is also essential. The deer antler velvet in AntlerX is harvested from New Zealand red deer from certified farms that have undergone thorough and rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure the highest quality deer antler velvet. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality IGF-1 deer antler velvet possible. Don't settle for just any velvet; make sure you are getting New Zealand Red Deer!

Deer Antler is Used to Boost Performance

AntlerX is safe and is used to improve athletic performance and maximize training. Since deer antler velvet is natural, you can add AntlerX to your regimen knowing that it is completely side effect free and legal in most competitive sports. AntlerX's formula comes in a convenient spray for easy delivery and optimal absorption.

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