How AntlerX Works

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AntlerX is an all-natural oral supplement used for supplementing the body's levels of IGF-1. For centuries, ancient Chinese medicine used the power of deer antler velvet to improve vitality and overall function. (1)

In one controlled study, deer antler velvet showed effectiveness with sporting performance enhancement (2). AntlerX can assist with raising your body's natural levels of IGF-1 with supplementation, which can result in improved muscle repair, better joint health and overall well-being. As an athlete, this means quicker recovery from the intensive training sessions, less joint pain and a strengthened immune system.

Antler Velvet is More Than Just an IGF-1 Booster

While AntlerX's primary benefit is to supplement IGF-1 levels, it also has a very important secondary benefit; improved joint heath. (2)The deer antler velvet in AntlerX contains significant amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. These products are typically used to relieve joint pain by producing lubricating fluids and improving the integrity of cartilage to keep joints healthy. If you are like most athletes, you are concerned with keeping your joints strong and healthy. AntlerX is used to help support healthy joints without the need of other supplements.

Why AntlerX is a Leader

AntlerX not only contains the highest quality premium deer antler velvet from New Zealand Red Deer, but also provides the highest concentration of deer antler velvet. Rather than giving you a few milligrams of deer antler velvet, AntlerX contains 100 mg of New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet.

AntlerX also contains a proprietary micro delivery system blend:

  • New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet - a naturally rich source of IGF-1, essential amino acids, zinc, chondroitin, collagen, and glucosamine. AntlerX contains 100 mg per serving.
  • Zinc - assists in muscle repair and allows for proteins to be easily synthesized during muscle recovery.(3)
  • Niacin - also known as B3, niacin creates leaner muscle mass by simultaneously enhancing cell metabolism and increases the absorption of
    carbohydrates. (4)Also stimulates blood flow which further aids in muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.
  • L-Arginine - supports blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. Also improves the immune system function and decreases recovery time after work outs.(5)
  • L-Carnatine - Essential in promoting the conversion of fat tissue into energy and promotes the growth and development of lean muscle mass.(6)
  • L-Glutamine - Important in repairing muscle damage, assisting with recovering and reducing muscle soreness.(7)
  • Caltrop - A natural booster of testosterone levels. It also improves energy levels, recovery time and, in men, sexual function.

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