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As of late, there has been an increasing amount of scientific evidence that deer antler velvet has several health benefits. Indeed, studies have been done in numerous countries such as Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and New Zealand. Moreover, the extensive research has contributed to substantial evidence and support of the many healthy properties that deer antler has to offer. In fact, since 1930 there has been around 250 research papers published that confirm the health benefits of this might substance.

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antler velvet is the entire cartilaginous antler in the growth stage. Basically, the antler has not yet finished developing or calcifying. In addition, the term does not refer to the fuzzy, hairy layer of skin on an antler as many believe. In fact, all the hairy covering is removed before processing.

Most antler velvet comes from a variety of deer. The most common supply comes from red deer, Sika deer and wapiti or elk. Usually, the antler is collected before substantial calcification transpires, between 55 to 65 days of growth. The antler is generally cut off at the base when it is around two-thirds its potential size. In the southern hemisphere the process is commonly done in December, in the northern hemisphere it is done in June.

Deer Antlers - Ancient Remedy

Velvet antler has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is often prescribed by a physician to treat patients who have yang deficiencies. The velvet antler is usually dried and sold in slices or in powder form. When used as a medicinal, the slices or powder is added to boiling water to make a healing soup. In China and Korea, velvet antlers are divided into three pieces - upper and tips (the waxed piece), the blood piece and the bottoms (the bone pieces). Each piece has a health value; the blood piece is use for bone and joint health, waxed is for a growth tonic for children and the bone piece is for geriatric therapies and calcium deficiencies.

Deer Antler Health Benefit Claims for Athletes

In the west, velvet antler is used for a wide range of ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle aches and pains, osteoporosis, migraines, liver and kidney disorders, indigestion, asthma, overactive bladder, headache and chronic skin ulcers.

Velvet antler is also said to improve thinking skills, support longevity, increase red blood cell count, protect the liver from toxins and stimulate the circulation and production of blood.

What is more, velvet antler common supplement used by many athletes and sports enthusiasts. It has long been attributed to highly improve athletic performance. And with current research, it has been discovered that the key element in velvet antler is Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). It is also believed that IGF-1 is what supports extreme athletic abilities. For instance, one chain of IGF-1 is composed of 70 amino acids. Which not only fuels cell regeneration in the body but it stimulates new cell growth. As well, IGF-1 helps increase lean muscle mass, improves recovery times and reduces body fat. In result; your muscle strength, size and efficiency are increased as well as your energy and stamina.

Deer Antlers and AntlerX

Knowing when to harvest deer antlers is vital. The time of harvesting is directly related to having a product that is nutrient dense and high in IGF-1. That way a product offers maximum results. And by combining deer antler velvet with other powerful anabolic elements, AntlerX has created the most effective IGF-1 supplement on the market. In fact, it contains more than 100 Mg of pure deer antler velvet. In addition, there are extra nutrients that support muscle-building resulting in maximize performance. Indeed, if you want to enhance your athletic ability and take it to the next level; AntlerX is the key.

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